Senator Mike Enzi Is Physically Incapable of Saying ‘Blagojevich’


Why can’t Wyoming Republican senator Mike Enzi say the name “Blagojevich”?

a) He has not watched the news, listened to news radio, or had a conversation about politics in the past fourteen months, and does not know how the name is pronounced.

b) His young son made a birthday wish that his father would never say the name “Blagojevich” again, for some reason, and it came true, à la the 1997 classic Liar, Liar.

c) He just wanted to show off his impression of “one of those Super Bowl commercials.” Which one is that? We have no idea.

Senator Enzi Cannot Say “Blagojevich,” The Most Beautiful Word In The English Language [Wonkette via Media Matters]