Shocking: New York Psychic Turns Out to Be Scam Artist


In this cruel, dog-eat-dog city, full as it is of hooker-sexing politicians, deceptively jolly-looking television personalities and bankers, and snitching co-workers, there are few people New Yorkers have left to trust: their shrinks, their gynecologists, and, of course, their psychics. Which is what makes what happened to one Dane Chan so surprising.

When Chan went to "Zena Psychic" on Seventh Avenue in October 2008, she assumed resident psychic Sylvia Mitchel would do exactly as advertised: look deep within her psyche using her special powers, and cleanse the negativity out of her system. You know, like a kind of spiritual ear candling. But instead, according to the Post:

In two instances, Mitchell told Chan to put nine $100 bills in a jar — for a total of $1,800 — to help cleanse her. In both cases, Mitchell took the cash-filled jars.

No! And there's more.

Chan also claims Mitchell went on a shopping spree and swiped Chan's credit card twice for $4,743 at a downtown Ralph Lauren store, the lawsuit alleges.

When Chan asked Mitchell why the psychic went shopping at a name-brand store, the allegedly crooked clairvoyant said it was "material" for a ritual she was going to perform.

Next they'll tell us that psychic couldn't see into the future at all.

Manhattan psychic nothing but a scammer: suit [NYP]