Making Kids Fight Other Kids in School: Still a Good Idea, Apparently!


It's not quite Fourth-Grade Fight Club, but it's pretty damn close. A teacher's aide at a Crown Heights elementary school is being accused of calling in some backup to help control a fourth-grade boy who was hitting a girl for taunting him about his mom. And that backup was ... a fifth-grade bully.

The mother claimed [school aide] Sandiford asked another student to locate a fifth-grader who has a reputation as the school bully. The older child came over and began punching Tyreik in the face, head and back, while also swinging him around by his arm, Waldron said.

"Ms. Sandiford told a lunch room aide not to break it up, to let them fight," Waldron said.

Some more-sane adult probably stepped in and put a stop to this, right? Nope! But another aide did make sure to record the incident for laughing at to the point of tears later in the teacher's lounge posterity.

If that wasn't bad enough, a DOE incident report notes that "it has been alleged by students, school aides and a teacher that Ms. Florence Brown was videotaping the fight with her cellular phone."

Perhaps Ms. Brown wasn't capturing the fight on her phone because she gets some sick pleasure out of watching children getting beaten up. She was probably just so damn proud that Fifth-Grade Bully was finally listening to his elders. Now if they could only somehow make math more like punching people in the face, he could really start to excel.

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