The Levi Johnston Nudity Disappointment Continues


Brangelina made their first post-breakup-rumor appearance by smooching in their VIP Super Bowl seats. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were chased into the stadium by cameras, while Tom Cruise and Suri casually moseyed up an escalator. Never one to crave the limelight, Kim Kardashian made sure to kiss Reggie Bush in front of the cameras following the Saints’ victory. Cameron Diaz was “grinding with A-Rod” at CAA’s party in Miami, while TomKat lingered nearby. Carrie Prejean is engaged to Rams quarterback Kyle Boller, but no one really cares because he didn’t play in the Super Bowl and it doesn’t involve her sex tape. And Levi Johnston continues to disappoint with the latest photos from Playgirl.

Tiger Woods is slated to make his first post-scandal golf appearance at Florida’s Tavistock Cup next month. Following last month’s Golden Globe PDA action, Jennifer Aniston celebrated her 41st birthday in Los Cabos, Mexico, with Gerard Butler. Keira Knightley fled the U.K. two years ago when she had five stalkers there, and now she’s dodging another, who’s been lingering outside the West End theater where she’s starring in The Misanthrope. The release of Usher’s new CD is getting delayed because he’s in a fight with his mother, who’s also his former manager. MTV is trying to put a stop to the Jersey Shore castmembers’ lucrative bar and club appearances, but they’re not listening. Pauly D, meanwhile, was offered $50,000 to walk a couple down the aisle at their wedding. And Conan put his Central Park West penthouse on the market for $35 million.

Woe is Heidi Montag: Her post-cosmetic surgery massages, therapy, and exercises aren’t aiding her recovery. “I’m very fragile,” she reports to People. “My insides were just throbbing and pounding but I know it’s part of what I had to go through.” Once again, Beyoncé works her curves. Lee Daniels was so groggy Tuesday morning that he almost slept through his Oscar nomination. Jacques Torres noticed that his chocolate hearts with “Love” written on them weren’t selling, so he wrote “Spank Me” on the other side, at which point they flew off the shelves. And Taylor Swift’s mother told John Mayer to back off on wooing her daughter, though we can’t imagine why.