Former Wall Street Professional Attempts To Break Into Competitive New York Market


Since the crash, many a laid-off finance professional has attempted to take the skills and attitude they honed on the Street and use them to bulldoze their way into jobs in the civilian sector. David Arrick, 42, who was laid off from a Wall Street law firm in 2008, is one of them. After reading an article that described cupcakes as “pink and magical,” Arrick identified what he believed was a hole in the market: non-sissy cupcakes.

Why did cupcakes need to be magical? They’re not magical for me. Where’s the masculine aesthetic?” Arrick said. “We needed to butch it up, buttercup.” And so Butch Bakery, an online delivery “masculine” cupcakery was born.

Butch, based in Queens, infuses baked goods with beer and bacon, among other dude-friendly ingredients, like ganache. But despite having copious skills in “negotiation, corporate and LLC compliance, and accounting” and the fact that his idea is an obvious no-brainer, Arrick has been having some trouble: “It’s a surprisingly cutthroat environment for cupcakes,” he admits. We could have told him that. Everyone knows you don’t cross those chicks from Magnolia. They’re as tough as Goldman Sachs.

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