White House Social Secretary Desirée Rogers Will Step Down


According to Chicago Sun-Times columnist Lynn Sweet, White House Social Secretary Desirée Rogers told her today that she’ll step down from her position next month. Rogers, who served the Obamas for just about fourteen months, was a somewhat controversial figure in a role that is traditionally relatively subdued. Known for her flashy fashion sense and appearances in several glossy magazine profiles, Rogers was seen by some inside the beltway as a little too in-the-spotlight for someone who is meant to be a workhorse for the First Family. This was thrown into relief when Rogers, clad in a fashion-forward Comme de Garçons gown, took a seat for herself at the Obamas’ first State Dinner — while a Secret Service error transpired at the entrance to the event and two party crashers ended up sneaking inside. While the Obamas are said to easily forgive and forget about such slip-ups, after all the bad publicity that stemmed from that event things had to be pretty awkward in the East Wing for a while. Rogers gave no reason for her decision to step aside.

White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers to step down [Chicago Sun-Times]
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