Why Won’t Obama Put the New York 9/11 Trials Out of Their Misery?


Apparently, despite growing protestations from basically every politician who matters about holding the trials of the 9/11 plotters in Manhattan, and the White House’s acknowledgment that it has asked the Justice Department to search for a new location, President Obama is not quite ready to close the door entirely on the original plan.

I have not ruled it out, but I think it’s important for us to take into account the practical, logistical issues involved. I mean, if you’ve got a city that is saying no, and a police department that is saying no, and a mayor that is saying no, that makes it difficult.”

Yes, exactly. The entire political leadership of the city and state has turned against holding this trial in Manhattan, making it almost unimaginable that it would be forced upon New York at this point. Maybe you haven’t found the new place yet, but we pretty much know you will. So please, President Obama, don’t drag this out any longer. We know it’s hard to let go of an idea that once seemed so promising to you. But it’s become too much of a headache, and too unfeasible. Now it’s time to sit it down, tell it about the rabbits, and shoot it in the back of the head.

Billion dollar nightmare looms as Obama refuses to rule out holding 9/11 terror trials in NYC [NYDN]

Why Won’t Obama Put the New York 9/11 Trials Out of Their Misery?