A Bunch of People Are Tweeting the Exodus


This morning The Wall Street Journal alerts us to an adorably weird Twitter phenomenon: A bunch of rabbis are tweeting the story of the Exodus as though it is happening in real time, in an effort to get young people psyched for Passover. Sample tweets:

PharoahofEgypt: You know what? I've had enough of their numbers and kvetching. I hereby establish a new law: DEATH for all infant boys of @The_Israelites.

DaughterofLevi: I have two beautiful children and concerned for their well-being with @Slavedrivers. We're expecting our 3rd SOON Ouch! what was that!

Young_Miriam: Watching from the reeds as the basket with my brother floats down the Nile. Have no fear! Sleep well, and goodnight!

So much fun, right? Hopefully it stays that way when @FirstBornSonsWhoseParentsForgotToPutBloodOnTheirDoorposts and @RandomEgyptianChildSoldierTryingToCrossTheRedSea start tweeting.

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