Andrew Breitbart: ‘I Realized I Liked Being Hated More Than I Liked Being Liked’


For someone who hates the mainstream media so much that he devoted an entire website to taking it down, Andrew Breitbart certainly seems to enjoy basking in its klieg lights. There was that big profile in Slate, and that other one in Wired. And now Time, that juggernaut of the mainstream, devotes three pages to the conservative “neo-crank.” In addition to photographing him in uncharacteristically cuddly poses (the above is an outtake from their merry shoot with him; the one that made the magazine — which shows him seemingly naked in a bubble bath — was a little too much for this hour of the morning), the mag caught him in an impromptu phone conversation with his lady counterpart, Ann Coulter. “The second I realized I liked being hated more than I liked being liked,” he noted shortly after the call, “that’s when the game began.” We wonder if Coulter taught him that adorable mantra, or he came to realize it all by himself.

Citizen Breitbart [Time]