Andrew Young Is Finally Able to Make a Joke About the John Edwards Affair


As skeazy as he is, a part of our heart goes out to John Edwards aide Andrew Young, who loved his boss so fervently he actually went so far as to pretend to be the father of Edwards’s baby with Rielle Hunter. Since then, the two have fallen out, and Andrew has been exhibiting all of the signs of a broken heart: denial, anger, frustration, a tell-all memoir that castigates the former presidential candidate while also taking note of his “naturally thick and lustrous” hair. But we were pleased to notice, in Young’s latest tragic interview with the Daily Beast, a sign that he is moving on.

When talking about finding a copy of the terrible-sounding sex tape he says he found in the trash after Hunter stayed at his home, he actually made a joke! Kind of!

You have to go with one of two theories: Either Rielle left that tape behind intentionally — we had four days to pack before we left — you would think that if you had a tape of a presidential candidate having sex that that would be one of the first things that you’d pack. You know, toothbrush, hairbrush, tape of presidential candidate having sex.”

Yay, Andrew. Being able to laugh is the first step!

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