At Least One New York Black Leader Paints Paterson Downfall in Racial Terms


Taking the natural next step after a series of stories that pounded David Paterson into the ground, the New York Times decided to call around to black Democratic leaders across the state to see if they thought that the governor was targeted for racial reasons. The paper found … well, at least one who seemed to think so. “You do have to raise the question: Why hasn’t there been an outcry of this magnitude previously?” asked Senator Eric Adams. “This is not the first time a governor has been under scrutiny. This is not the first time a governor has been investigated. To prematurely call for him to have his powers circumvented or have him removed, I think it’s unfair.” Bronx Democrat Michael Benjamin, the other black leader quoted in the story, didn’t say he agreed with that sentiment, but indicated he knew where it came from. “Those who aren’t black or minority need to be sympathetic to where this comes from,” he told the paper. “As an African-American who knows this nation’s history, I can understand it.” Hmmm! Tepid at best! Presumably the Times called Al Sharpton, and if he didn’t have anything to say about this story, well … case closed?

Some Black Democrats Suggest Race Is Factor in Pressure on the Governor [NYT]