Aw, a Child Is Directing Air Traffic at JFK


Time was when a child wanted to play, he’d go in the backyard, grab a pointy stick, and dig a hole in the yard. And it was exhilarating. Nowadays, what with all this technology they’ve grown up with, sticks and dirt just don’t cut it anymore. After you’ve seen “2 Girls, 1 Cup” on YouTube, it takes a lot more to feel that thrill. That’s why kids are increasingly getting their kicks from driving subway trains, robbing Hasidic women, and directing air traffic at JFK, as one little scamp did over February vacation. We know it might sound irresponsible, but just listen to the fun he’s having, and to the joy it brings the pilots he communicates with, who are, oddly, not taken aback at all at hearing a high-pitched child’s voice giving them instructions on what to do with their planes full of presently living people.

FAA not amused as kid gives directions to pilots in Kennedy Airport’s air-traffic control tower [NYDN]