Barclays Defines ‘Jerks’ Loosely


"While most investment banks claim to have a 'no-jerk' policy on hiring," the Financial Times informs us today, at Barclays Capital, "the policy is taken seriously from the top executive suites on down." Being fascist, materialistic, and anal-retentive is okay, though:

Perhaps one of the biggest status symbols at BarCap is the 24-carat gold cuff links awarded to every new MD, engraved with the Barclays Capital logo (female MDs are given a choice of a BarCap pendant). Like most things at the bank, the cufflinks were redesigned after an earlier version failed to meet executives’ exacting standards.

As is, apparently, being a hateful bossy homophobe.

‘No jerk’ policy from the top suites down [FT]