Bart Stupak Threatened in the Most Insane, Creative Ways


Of all the sometimes violent rage being directed at Democratic congressmen right now, nobody may be more of a target than Bart Stupak. There’s no denying that the health-care reform legislation couldn’t have passed without a late defection by Stupak and his merry band of staunch pro-lifers. Of course, they only supported the bill once they were promised that President Obama would sign an executive order prohibiting any federal money from being used for abortions, which is the status quo and was the ultimate goal of Stupak and company all along. Some people, however, either don’t understand the details of the agreement, or they don’t believe those safeguards will actually work. And let us tell you, these people are angry at Stupak. They’ve been leaving threats and vile insults on his voice mail, which, while scary, are also wildly inventive. “I hope you bleed out yer ass, got cancer and die”? “You ought to fill your pockets with lead and jump into the Potomac, punk”? Where did they come up with these? If only they could put their creativity to more positive use, like writing poetry or teaching art to inner-city children.

Threats Made Against Rep. Stupak [Washington Unplugged/CBS News]