Brooklyn Hipsters in Blanket Forts: Cute or Gross?


Back in our day, the just-out-of-college kids adopted regressive styles like baby-doll dresses and T-shirts with cartoons on them and even occasionally donned giant pacifiers (not us! Ew). Now, a bunch of Brooklyn youths have taken things one step further. According to Metromix:

On Saturday night, 200 intrepid sleepy-heads grabbed their favorite stuffed animals and camped out amidst blanket fort mazes inside a 2,000 square-foot Brooklyn loft for an evening of hot cocoa, snacks and bedtime tales.

Now. Is that fun, or actually just kind of creepy? How many of these kids are just being twee and how many of them are these people waiting to happen?

Blanket Forts Party | Newmindspace [Metromix via Gues of a Guest]