Chuck Todd: Stoner


How many times has goateed political sage Chuck Todd tried to sync up Dark Side of the Moon with The Wizard of Oz? Many times, it seems. And it just never works! From a transcript of the "Daily Flashback" segment of this morning's Daily Rundown on MSNBC:

Chuck Todd: Pink Floyd unleashes songs like "Brain Damage." And also sparked the totally insane idea that you can play Dark Side of the Moon as the soundtrack while you're watching The Wizard of Oz, and somehow have it all match up. Let's just say I tried it and, shockingly, it doesn't work.

Savanna Guthrie: You keep trying it and trying it.

Chuck Todd: You start it when the lion roars and guess what, it doesn't work.

We'd love to show you the video clip, but, oddly enough, it was cut from the supposedly "full" episode posted online. Conspiracy? Obviously. Anyway, Todd and Wolf Blitzer should hang out. They seem to have a lot more in common than being hirsute newsmen.