Coyote Spotted Near Holland Tunnel Entrance


An eagle-eyed New York Magazine employee who knows his coyotes (yes, such a person exists) just spotted one running around in the park area near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel on Hudson and Beach. We assume (hope!) it's not going to try to exit Manhattan through the tunnel, but rather that it has another, more elevated destination in mind. Namely: our office! Clearly the coyotes have been reading our adoring coverage and want to come pay us a visit. We're their biggest fans! In fact, they've been slowly progressing down from Upper Manhattan for weeks now. We're guessing that, after all their adventures in the big city, they want to contribute their own "My First New York" story. We can see it now: "I remember my first trip to Chelsea," he'll write. "I'd heard it was full of screaming queens, but nothing could prepare me for my first trip down Eight Avenue ... "