Cuomo Clobbering Levy and Lazio in Latest Polls


Just when we were getting all excited that the dude with the mustache could be a real contender in the governor’s race, the latest poll out reveals that not only is unannounced Democratic candidate Andrew Cuomo ahead of him — he’s got over three times the support that he has. In a theoretical matchup between Levy and Cuomo, the attorney general leads 63 percent to 16 percent, according to Siena. In a theoretical battle between Cuomo and former U.S. representative Rick Lazio, Cuomo leads 59 percent to 21 percent. Of course, once Cuomo enters the race and starts having to answer tough questions, his popularity could very likely take a hit. And Levy is a relative unknown statewide, and could gain a lot of ground before November. But for now, even in a matchup against Lazio, he falls behind 60 percent to 19 percent.

Poll: Cuomo would clobber Levy, Lazio in gov race [Knickerbocker/NYP]
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