Democrats Might Just Pretend They Passed the Health-Care Bill


If you recall, the way the Democrats are supposed to proceed with health care is this: The House will pass the bill that the Senate passed when it had 60 votes, then both chambers will pass agreed-upon fixes to that bill, with the Senate using the reconciliation process to avoid a Republican filibuster. Except that House Democrats don’t exactly trust the Senate to fulfill its end of the bargain, and, furthermore, they don’t want to be on the record voting for a bill they hate, even if they amend it immediately after. To solve this dilemma, Nancy Pelosi is open to using a “controversial procedure” in which the House would skip the part about voting on the Senate bill and instead go right to the fixes, while approving a “rule” stating that they had passed the Senate bill that they never voted on. In other words, this whole process would be the weirdest, most indecipherable episode of Schoolhouse Rock you’ve ever seen.

Pelosi: Controversial tactic an ‘option’ for moving healthcare [Hill]