Does Rupert Murdoch Think Arthur Sulzberger Jr. Looks Like a Lady?


The cover of today’s Weekend section in The Wall Street Journal answers that question in the affirmative. There’s a story about how “women from countries with healthier populations prefer more feminine-looking men.” To illustrate the story, the Journal has a little collage of feminine-looking men, including the bottom half of a face that looks remarkably like Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’s.

Vanity Fair’s Michael Wolff is certain that it’s Sulzberger’s face (we’re pretty convinced, too), and not just because it looks exactly like Sulzberger’s face. Wolff says when he spent time with Rupert Murdoch for his book about the media baron, Murdoch revealed that he thinks the publisher of the Times is a bit of a girly man.

Sulzberger was always, for Murdoch, a punch line. Murdoch even mimicked him in a way to suggest … well … a certain lack of manhood.

This is a pretty dirty move by Murdoch or whichever of his lackeys is actually responsible for it. But on the other hand, it’s also pretty damn funny.

Murdoch to Sulzberger: You Are a Girly Man [Daily/VF]