Ed Koch Insists That Governor Paterson’s Resignation Is Coming


After ignoring an initial wave of calls for his resignation, it seems as if Governor Paterson has weathered the storm. You can only ask someone to resign so many times, after all, until you lose interest and turn your attention to other things, especially when those things involve obscure sexual acts by totally not-gay congressmen. And it still certainly doesn’t seem like Paterson has any intention of stepping down, at least until one of the many ongoing investigations into him finds something definitively criminal. Yet former three-term mayor Ed Koch insists that we’ll have a new governor soon.

After predicting on March 15 that Paterson would resign “in the next 10 days,” Koch adjusted his timeline this morning but stuck to his general prediction. On Fred Dicker’s radio show, Koch said that, though he was “off by maybe a week or two,” he’s still certain that Paterson will resign, and that the delay is due to Paterson’s people trying to figure out how to protect him from indictment after he leaves office. Koch claims, however, that he has no insider info that leads him to believe Paterson’s resignation is forthcoming. Perhaps he’s just trying to influence events with positive thinking, à la The Secret.

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