When He Was Running AIG, Edward Liddy Could Not Get Through an Airport Without Being Approached by Commoners


Nearly a year after quitting his job as the post-crisis interim CEO of AIG, Edward Liddy has given his first lengthy interview. It’s to his college alumni magazine, though, so difficult subjects like those pertaining to toe-curling were not addressed. But he did give us a sense of what the short, and special, time he spent running the world’s worst company was like for him.

For instance, he was suddenly hugely famous. Like Brangelina famous:

When I’d go back and forth between New York and my home in Chicago, I’d always fly commercially and I would walk right down the middle of the terminal at O’Hare or Reagan International or La Guardia. And I probably had upwards of 300 times when people would recognize me and want to chat about something. I would say 298 of those people were incredibly appreciative and positive. The reason I tell you that is, it’s interesting when you are just talking to the common man what they perceive.”

Oh, those commoners! It’s like their brains just work a little bit differently. Slower- and simpler-like.

[CUA Magazine via Deal Journal]