Eric Cantor Directly Threatened by Act of Random Gunfire


While everyone in the media was busy worrying about the safety of Democrats yesterday — what with all the thrown bricks, severed gas lines, insane-clever phone calls, and strange white powders — House Republican Whip Eric Cantor pointed out that lunatic threats are a bi-partisan issue. “Just recently, I have been directly threatened,” Cantor said at a press conference. “A bullet was shot through the window of my campaign office in Richmond this week.” See, Democrats! You’re not special. Now stop whining about all the hysteric, anti-government rage the GOP has whipped up by pretending health-care reform would destroy America.

But when police looked into the matter, they concluded that the bullet entered the window at a steep, downward angle — in other words, it was fired straight up into the air, and crashed through the window on its way down. “What we were describing yesterday in fact describes an act of random gunfire,” Richmond police told Talking Points Memo this morning. So Cantor can rest easier knowing that nobody was trying to purposely shoot him or his employees. He may want to consider moving his campaign office to a better part of town, however.

Police On Cantor Incident: ‘We’re Calling It Random Gunfire’ (VIDEO) [ TPM LiveWire]