Geithner: ‘People Should Be Angry’ About Bonuses


Tim Geithner kept it together reasonably well on The Rachel Maddow Show tonight, stressing job creation, calling financial reform a “just war,” etc. Maddow got incisive, though, when she turned the topic to bonuses, voicing the universal frustration felt about a system that sees “loans not being made and bonuses being paid.” Geithner, though he basically sidestepped her questions, admitted the “bonus thing” is part of what instigated the crisis and that, well, he feels our pain: “People should be angry,” he said. Bold stance, Tim!

People are very angry,” he said. “The catastrophe is that people are suffering because of mistakes other people made. People should be angry. We hope anger turns into political will in the Congress … They should be angry until they have more confidence the government is going to put in place reforms that will fix what is broken.”