Governor Paterson’s Blindness Finally Works in His Favor


Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s investigation into Governor Paterson’s contact with Sherr-una Booker is, reportedly, so far at least, coming up kind of short. Booker told investigators that she “didn’t feel the governor threatened her,” and other sources say that the conversations that Paterson’s aides had with Booker “were too vague to nail down a witness tampering case.” And one other thing assisting Paterson: his blindness, finally! Since he doesn’t use e-mail (or texting, for that matter), there are no records of what Paterson said to Booker — only witness recollections, which aren’t as helpful for nailing down any explicit threats that may have been made. Some people thought Paterson’s blindness was a hindrance to his ability to govern, but who knows, it could turn out to be the thing that keeps him in office.

Paterson scandal: ‘Teflon Dave’ may not face tamper charges regarding Booker domestic abuse case [NYDN]