Health-Care Reform Ruins Obama Family Vacation, Again


Despite saying all kinds of confident-sounding things in public, Democrats are still struggling to figure out how to pass health-care reform. They haven’t worked out a compromise on the abortion issue, and lawmakers have yet to even see the legislation’s draft text. So it has become increasingly clear over the past few days that the House won’t be able to pass the bill by the March 18 deadline, as the White House had hoped. And as negotiations drag on, an Obama family vacation has become, once again, a casualty of Congress’s slothful pace.

See, Obama had planned to embark on an official visit to Guam, Indonesia, and Australia on March 18, with his family in tow. The trip had been scheduled to coincide with the spring breaks of Sasha and Malia, but this morning Robert Gibbs announced that Obama has decided to delay the trip for three days so he can stick around to help out on health-care reform. Which means Sasha and Malia — who were probably especially excited to see their dad in miniature bronze form — can no longer go. You just made a couple of new enemies in the White House, Congress. Big mistake.

Obama delays Asia trip to deal with health care [AP via WP]