Heidi Montag Says No to Plastic


This latest video from Funny or Die takes their crusade for a Consumer Financial Protection Agency to a whole new, bizarrely meta level. Somehow they convinced Heidi Montag to make a video using her own paralyzing plastic surgery as a metaphor for the trap of credit cards on the average consumer. “If you’re a reality star, chances are good that one day you’ll get plastic surgery,” she explains. “It’s also a for-sure thing that you will have to pay for that surgery with a credit card.” After going on about the ills of fame and credit-card debt, she hops in the tub and urges viewers, “If you really want to get specific, call Senators Chris Dodd and Richard Shelby.” While this video made us laugh more than the last one about the CFPA, this whole PSA campaign by Funny or Die is beginning to confuse us. They keep taking their jokes and awkwardly trying to reconstruct them into relevant points about the banking and credit-card industry, sculpting and squishing them around to make some sort of semblance of an argument. Kind of like what a plastic surgeon did to Heidi Montag’s face to make it look like a porn star’s. Oh, wait! Now we get it!