Hillary Clinton Tackles the Least-Important Issues at the State Department


There's a reason Hillary Clinton is so exhausted — always remarking about the burdensome responsibilities of her job and griping about having to actually travel to other countries. It's because she's not only dealing with the world's most intractable conflicts and craziest national leaders, but also micromanaging every aspect of the State Department down to the tiniest details, according to the Washington Post.

She has walked the halls and popped into offices unexpectedly, created an electronic "sounding board," and held seven internal town hall meetings to listen to gripes about everything from policy to cafeteria food to bullying in the workplace. She installed six new showers that joggers requested ...

Not that we aren't impressed with Hillary's handiness, but wasn't there anyone else who could have installed those showers?

Hillary Rodham Clinton widens her circle at the State Department [WP]