How Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan Gives His Office That Lived-In Look


An old colleague of ours used to pride himself on the artful way he arranged his office so that it looked like he had merely popped off to the bathroom when in fact he was out playing squash or taking a three-hour lunch. He’d turn on the computer monitor, place a cup of coffee on his desk, scatter some papers around, and — the pièce de résistance — drape his jacket over the back of chair. The ploy failed, though, when the office installed motion-sensitive lighting. As it turns out, new Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan does pretty much the same kind of thing in the offices he’s never in.

Moynihan, who lives in Wellesley, Mass, still spends most of his time in Boston. But according to the Journal:

He put up family photos at the bank’s Charlotte, N.C., headquarters.

Heh. He apparently “intends” to spend more time working from New York, too, once the company completes work on the new executive floor. But he hasn’t quite taken care of the details there yet.

The seating chart for the 50th-floor lists an office as belonging to “Brian Moynihan/visitor.”

Oh, Brian. You’ll want to get that fixed. Also, maybe get a lamp.

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