How Do You Make a Video With All of the SNL Presidents and Have It Not Be Funny?


In an effort to push the passage of a bill to create a Consumer Financial Protection Agency in Congress, the website Funny or Die — in conjunction with Americans for Financial Reform — gathered an all-star cast of Saturday Night Live alums to make a video about the issue. Playing the presidents they played while they were on the show, Will Ferrell, Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, Dana Carvey, and Darrell Hammond all got together (with a special, non-SNL guest to play Ronald Reagan) to appear in a bad dream had by Fred Armisen, who currently plays Barack Obama on the show. It’s a setup for hilarity, right? All these comic geniuses in a room together? Sadly, the whole thing falls flat in the face of the general unfunniness of the subject matter and our current financial woes. “Jimmy Carter? Why, you’re dead!” “No, Gerald. You’re dead!” — Really? Is that the best we can do here? What about the hilarity of the Senate Banking Committee? Or anything to do with Barney Frank?

(Though, to be fair, the bit about Reagan’s pendulous balls did give us a chuckle.)