iPhone Addiction Is for Real, Says Stanford Study


You know how people with iPhones seemingly can’t talk about anything else, constantly wanting to show you this “amazing” app, or mocking your BlackBerry or (gasp) flip phone as they search for the nearest ATM within a two-mile radius of an American Eagle or whatever? Well, it turns out they’re not even the worst of it!

A survey of 200 Stanford University students has revealed that, yes, iPhone addiction is legit. Nearly half of the respondents said they are “very or completed addicted” to their devices. Okay, not that surprising. But, in some truly bizarre findings, 3 percent said they don’t let anyone else touch their iPhone, 9 percent “have patted” their iPhone (is that a euphemism for something? Actually, never mind), and … 8 percent (so sixteen real, human Stanford students) admitted that at one point they have thought: “My iPod is jealous of my iPhone.”

iPhone Addictive, Survey Reveals [LiveScience via Awl]