Ivanka Trump Saved From Terrifying Stalker!


American princess Ivanka Trump has been in danger for weeks from a mysterious man calling himself “Cloud Stormchaser,” who was terrorizing the real-estate magnate and reality star through his use of an affectionate blog. The 27-year-old Cloud, a.k.a. Justin Massler, was arrested for stalking in Reno where he was visiting his mom. He’s based on the East Coast and had a blog on the website heroicdestinysquad.com. “He is sick and has a history of mental illness,” his mom said. “He never harmed anyone and hasn’t done anything other than write articles on the Internet.” Oh, yeah? Listen to this — according to the Daily News, “Justin Massler’s blog talks about longing to see the Celebrity Apprentice co-host and that ‘we would hit it off and become the best of friends.’” Disgusting. Apparently, a comic on the blog site also shows a homeless person believing that Ivanka could one day help him out. No wonder the cops sprung into action! Actually, we kid. We’re sure there’s more to this story that was unsettling to Ivanka’s people. Maybe the fact that he stalked Tucker Max first, for example.

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