J-Vanka Is Not Growing the Perfect Manhattan Alpha Baby


We got very, very excited when Guest of a Guest speculated that Ivanka Trump might be pregnant after they spotted a photo of her in a dress where the fabric in the front fanned out suggestively. We knew instinctively that it was just a trick of the frock, but still, imagine what she and hubby Jared Kushner would produce. A six-foot-tall braniac glamazon with creamy, butterlike skin who emerged from the womb in impeccably tailored clothes (pockets stuffed with family money) and flashy but tasteful accessories. So, slightly giddily, we e-mailed Ivanka to check. “I am not pregnant,” she said, letting us down a little hard. Don’t they want to time their first baby so it can grow up being best friends with Bethenny Frankel’s? Have they no reality-television priorities at all?

Is Ivanka Trump Preggers? [Guest of a Guest]