Jennifer Aniston Believes in Reunions With Exes


What does a starlet do after being shunned from the fashion world following a disastrous Ungaro line? Team up with Ed Hardy, of course! Lindsay Lohan’s in talks to launch a new collection for the Gosselin-loving designer. No one wanted to buy the reality show that Paris Hilton was shopping around, so her boyfriend, Doug Reinhart (who we just learned is a “frozen-burrito heir”), sold one to E! about his younger sister, a former Laguna Beach “star.” Perhaps Paris will score a cameo. Jennifer Aniston told a British TV show that it’s “absolutely” possible for exes to get back together, and as Brangelina’s busy gallivanting around Venice, we’re still on Team Jen. Brad Pitt, meanwhile, confesses that he hasn’t shaved his Castaway-inspired beard out of “boredom,” and we wonder how it’s affecting his hygiene. And Zoe Saldana says she’s been turned down for roles because of the color of her skin, and was thrilled when she landed her part in Avatar. Then she found out she was being painted blue.

Mayor Bloomberg showed off his surprisingly decent bowling skills Monday night by inviting all his commissioners to Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg. Apparently he was “consistently breaking 100 over the course of three hours.” But he was probably just trying to show up Obama. Brooklyn Decker lost to Andy Roddick in a game of bowling, so he made her go to dinner wearing scuba gear, a sunshine headband, and a mismatched floral ensemble. Knicks rookie Toney Douglas partied at Pink for his 24th, ringing in his birthday with seven friends and a sparkler-topped cake. Cain, meanwhile, is closing its doors for good tonight. Matt Damon ordered nine off-the-menu lobsters for himself and his pals at Stanton Social, dropping a $400 tip on top of the restaurant’s included gratuity. And Lizzie Jagger (Mick’s “model-actress” daughter) partied so hard at her brother’s band’s show that she “could barely stand,” but such is the Jagger way.

Michelle McGee isn’t Jesse James’s only mistress, she’s just the only one who’s gone public. According to employees at West Coast Choppers bike shop, he would regularly post Internet ads for “hot tattooed biker chicks with big boobs.” Meanwhile, reports that Sandra Bullock is in talks with divorce lawyers are “completely false.” But Betty White insists she’ll stand by Bullock’s side. Dennis Hopper’s demanding that his estranged wife, Victoria Duffy, return the $1.5 million worth of artwork he claims she stole from him, including a Warhol portrait of him. Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have called it quits, largely because Bush couldn’t stand Kardashian’s media-focused life. Kate Gosselin is causing all kinds of drama on the Dancing with the Stars set by continually showing up late to hair and makeup, and “no one wants to deal with her.” Someone had to one-up Shannon Doherty’s diva reputation. Ke$ha apologized for trashing Britney Spears and referring to Justin Bieber as a “little baby” whom she’d like to “push around onstage in a carriage.” And Kellan Lutz showed off his taut physique while jogging around L.A. with his dog. Because that’s what people do on the West Coast.