John McCain Accuses Opponent of Insulting Fictional Alien Race


Renowned maverick John McCain has pulled off what can only be described as one of his most mavericky moves yet. Yesterday, his conservative primary opponent, J.D. Hayworth, flaunted his pop-culture awareness by releasing an ad portraying McCain in blue face paint next to a placard reading “John McCain: Nominee for Best Conservative Actor.” So, obviously, McCain is supposed to be a Na’vi from Avatar in that ad, right? Right? No! The McCain campaign, displaying simultaneous disingenuousness and humorlessness, claimed that the ad was “insulting to Native Americans here in Arizona and across America.” Granted, the Na’vi story may represent the Native American experience in an allegorical sense, but really, they’re CGI alien creatures from the planet Pandora. Unfortunately for McCain, none of them are voting in the election.

McCain Avatar Ad: JD Hayworth’s Drudge Report Ad Condemned By McCain [HuffPo]