Journal: Madoff Was Assaulted in Prison


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, as had been previously rumored, Bernie Madoff was physically assaulted by another inmate in his North Carolina prison in December, according to three people “familiar with the matter.” After the attack, Madoff was moved to a low-security medical center for treatment on December 18 (he has since moved back to his original cell). At the time, the Bureau of Prisons denied rumors of an assault, and the bureau has still not confirmed an attack on Madoff, who is currently serving a 150-year sentence.

According to the Journal, Madoff was treated for a broken nose, fractured ribs, and cuts to the head and face, based on the report of a felon currently serving time on drug charges (note: The specifics of these injuries have not been independently confirmed). According to one of the paper’s sources, Madoff’s assailant was a “beefy man serving time for a drug conviction” who was formerly a bodybuilder and also a black belt in judo. The dispute allegedly occurred as a result of the assailant believing Madoff owed him some money. So basically Beefy Man was living out the revenge fantasy of the entire Earth’s population.

Madoff Beaten in Prison [WSJ]