Julian Robertson Has Been Working on the Same Novel for 29 Years


Hedge-fund billionaire Julian Robertson thinks Barack Obama is doing a crap job as president. "He's just doing an awful job and people see it," he sniffed to a New Zealand paper. "You can't run the biggest business in the world having never run even a country store." That credo hasn't stopped Robertson from dipping his own toes into uncharted territory, however. Back in the seventies, he actually wanted to be a writer.

According to the Dominion Post:

In 1978, and to his father's horror, Mr Robertson "dropped out" and took Josie and their two young sons to Auckland, telling friends and family he planned to write a novel. They lived in Parnell for seven months. Josie painted and he chipped away at the novel, which remains unfinished, but spent most of his time as a house husband. A third son, Alex was born here.

"Josie put up with this nut who wanted to drop out. A lot of wives wouldn't have put up with that."

We'd say that worked out pretty well for her, in the end. The writing career, though? Not so much, although Robertson, 77, thinks he may yet revisit it.

"I might go back to it, but when I look back on it, and I think this is true of everybody's first book, I think it was a little too autobiographical."

Stick to what you know, dude.

For love and money? [Dominion Post via Business Insider]