Kara DioGuardi’s Dad Is Auditioning for the Senate


Because there haven’t been enough random people coming out of the woodwork to take on Kirsten Gillibrand, why not add the father of American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi into the mix as well? Granted, Joe DioGuardi isn’t a stranger to politics, having served as a Republican congressman from Westchester for two terms in the eighties. He’s a certified CPA and a government-spending watchdog, and sounded a lot like a die-hard tea partier when he announced his candidacy at Grand Central Station this morning. “Are you ready to take your country back!?!” he shouted. “The new tyranny is Washington and Albany!”

Who knows, he could certainly catch fire in the so-far-lifeless Republican field (though George Pataki continues to loom), but we think he might have trouble escaping a reputation as the guy that spawned the hot Idol judge. In his first interview as a candidate this morning on Fox News, he was asked one question about his platform, and then three about Kara.