Lindsay Lohan Immerses Herself in White Powder

Lindsay Lohan left an L.A. house party with an “unidentified white powder” splattered all over her feet, and “it was flying off her shoes when she walked.” The LAPD, meanwhile, considered taking her in for a forced psychiatric evaluation based on her behavior of late. Naturally, her father is holding a press conference to discuss the situation. Madonna’s launching a teen clothing line for Macy’s, but rather than go to all the trouble of designing it herself, she recruited her 13-year-old daughter. “I’ve been involved in business meetings, but Lola’s really doing the work. I just sit in the corner on my BlackBerry.” “The Situation” (with Mayor Bloomberg by his side) challenged the cast of Hair to an “ab-off,” at which point seven of the cast’s sveltest hippies ripped their shirts off. Bloomberg, however, refrained from stripping. Sandra Bullock will reportedly dump Jesse James at last. And Darius Rucker (a.k.a. Hootie) sends mid-nineties rock fans of yore into a tizzy by announcing, “Yes, within the next few years, there will be another Hootie record tour.”

As Leonardo DiCaprio, Kevin Connolly, and Jerry Ferrara cozied up to Alessandra Ambrosio and Miranda Kerr at the Victoria’s Secret SWIM party in L.A., Jeremy Piven was more interested in quoting Hot Tub Time Machine lines to comedian Craig Robinson all night. A Katy Perry–less Russell Brand, meanwhile, avoided getting photographed with models, noting, “Oh, that’s exactly what I need.” 50 Cent was paid $75,000 just to show up at a Liverpool club, where he “greeted the crowd with ‘Hey’” and hung out with the two women he requested. According to one clubgoer, “It was the most blinging night ever.” Diddy showed up at D.J. David Guetta’s “Fuck Me I’m Famous” party in Miami with a modest posse of 40 (Estelle included), but he didn’t stay long. A solo and “totally out of it” Mischa Barton exited Bar Marmont to vomit, then returned to enjoy her fellow bargoers’ company. Rihanna’a been receiving particularly steamy fan mail, and her rumored boyfriend, Dodger Matt Kemp, requested that she beef up her security team. And Bradley Cooper pleased Upper East Side Equinox-goers by jogging on the treadmill, looking “amazing” in James Perse pants and a hoodie.

At Elio’s, Jon Corzine was less than thrilled to be seated next to Charles Gasparino, the Fox Business News reporter who slammed him about raising taxes during a recession. But they gave each other an awkward hello anyway. During Bethenny Frankel’s wedding at the Four Seasons pool room, two of Jason Hoppy’s groomsmen jumped into the water. Frankel gushed, “This is great.” New York restaurants Scarpetta, STK, Blue Ribbon, and Estiatorio Milos are all planning Vegas outposts in the upcoming Cosmopolitan resort. Kelly Bensimon munched on miniature chicken sandwiches with Mary J. Blige in the middle of a Miami rainstorm. Elton John and Lady Gaga are joining forces again to co-host Trudie Styler’s Rainforest Fund gala. Heather Mills became “bitter and high-strung” after her split with Paul McCartney, but she would force her staff members to say nice things about her on-camera anyway. Ryan O’Neal threatened to kill a producer who worked on Farrah Fawcett’s documentary because he refused to give control of the film to another producer of O’Neal’s choosing. And Heidi Montag showed up to a Hills photo shoot with three bodyguards, then refused to take part in a group shot, but Montag excused her own behavior, explaining, “I’m a movie star now!”