‘Malaysian Minister of Finance II of Malaysia’ Is ‘Real Sorry’ About Bernie Madoff


Someone set up a fake website claiming to have found $1.3 billion of Bernie Madoff’s assets in Malaysia, and calling on Madoff victims to submit their claims by sending a copy of their brokerage statements. The Securities Investor Protection Corporation issued a notice this morning warning investors not to buy into it, though the site is quite clearly a scam, featuring photos of gigantic stacks of money and a quote from the awesomely titled “Malaysian Minister of finance II of Malaysia.”

Mr. Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said “we are real sorry and surprised that Madoff will take our country as a source to launder and hide such huge amount of funds.”

Then again, these are people who didn’t look askance at crazy-looking returns on statements from a dot matrix printer for years, so maybe they need the warning. Also, pro wrestling? Fake.

Madoff Victims Warned of Fake Web Site [DealBook/NYT]