Money Manager’s Death-Faking Flight Was Totally Awesome, Exhilarating


There’s a saying back in college that flying is the most fun you can have with your clothes on,” money manager and amateur pilot Marcus Schrenker, tells 20/20 this weekend. And bailing out of the flight he took on small private plane in an attempt to fake his own death after bilking investors out of millions of dollars? That was especially awesome, according to Schrenker.

I blew the cockpit door at twenty-four thousand feet,” he said. “It was like someone had popped my lungs. And it felt like my face was just going to explode, my ears, everything … And I knew that was it. It was the end. There’s no turning back.”

Marcus did not know it until just that moment, but truly, there is no rush that comes close to the rush of thinking that you’re going to leave your wife, three children, and a bunch of broke investors behind, forever. Also, there is no comedown quite like jail.

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