Mariah Carey Mulling Autobiographical Musical

After George Lopez made snide comments about the white powder trailing from Lindsay Lohan’s shoes the other night, she furiously tweeted that it was baby powder to loosen the leather on her heels. Which actually sounds possibly true. Maybe. Mariah Carey is reportedly thinking about making a musical of her life, featuring her own tunes. LAPD officers pulled Diddy over when the rapper swung an illegal U-turn with his Escalade in the middle of Sunset Boulevard. James Franco was accepted to a Ph.D. program at Yale, which is “likely his first choice.” We wonder if Harvard rejected him. Anna Wintour cheered on Roger Federer at the Sony Ericsson Open while likely giving icy stares to his wife, Mirka, who sat by the editrix’s side. And backstage at her London show, Lady Gaga’s surprisingly wholesome list of demands included a whole roasted chicken, no alcohol, and a plate of “non-smelly, non-sweaty” cheese.

Steven Spielberg keeps a motorcycle parked outside his DreamWorks office at all times, just in case he needs to make a quick getaway. A “cranky” Anthony Hopkins has been causing trouble on the set of comic-book-based flick Thor, criticizing young star Chris Hemsworth’s acting abilities and annoying director Kenneth Branagh. Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper shared some laughs over dinner at Locanda Verde. A slew of models threw Aussie stunner Jessica Hart a surprise 24th birthday party in the Kenmare’s yet-to-open basement, using their iPods for entertainment since the venue is still sans D.J. Kelis owes a Santa Monica salon $5,000 for a year-old hair weave she never paid for. And Donatella Versace dropped $5,000 on sunglasses at the meatpacking district’s Artsee, ordering, “Amore, this one, and this one, and this one.”

Sandra Bullock will not be adopting the children from Jesse James’s previous marriages, but his biker friends have organized a motorcycle ride to show their support of his tattoo-loving ways. Ashley Dupré and Bode Miller spent the weekend at the Playboy Mansion, where the Olympic skier hit on bunnies while wearing baby-blue pajamas that opened in the back. Serena Williams is recovering from a knee injury in Miami with R&B crooner of yore Mya, sipping cocktails and trading in her old Hummer for a shiny new white one. Glee is holding a nationwide casting call, giving hope to high-school a cappella stars and American Idol rejects everywhere. And Heidi Montag denies rumors that she and Spencer Pratt are getting a divorce, or that she’s moving out of their home, proclaiming, “We’ve worked through things and will continue to work on our relationship so we’re the best couple we can be.” Who wants to watch a “reality” show about that? Yawn.