Martha Stewart Is the Real-Life Carrie Bradshaw


Sex and the City is long off the air and Candace Bushnell is married, but the archetype the show created still persists. This morning's "Page Six" tells us about a real-life blonde, single, attractive woman-about-town in New York. She loves shoes and specialty cocktails and brunch with her friends. And despite the fact that she's had her heart broken a few times, and is getting up there in years, she remains eternally hopeful that she will one day meet the love of her life. In between, she has romantic escapades with men, some of whom she and her friends give cutesy nicknames to. The woman? Martha Stewart.

According to Martha's best friend, Mariana Pasternak, who has written a tell-all book about her, Martha is like Carrie Bradshaw, in that despite being attractive, hugely successful, and frankly easy, the lifestyle maven is somewhat unlucky in love. "Each time she met a man she liked, Martha heard wedding bells, and each time she suffered indignities and disappointment," she writes.

Pasternak — who claims Stewart "had a surprising flexibility when it came to bedding down with a just-met mate" — describes her romantic encounter with a wealthy man dubbed "The Mogul."

"That he immediately ceased returning her calls was not part of Martha's script," Pasternak writes. "Every rejection hit her hard ... Each unanswered phone call ratcheted up her obsession. We spent entire East Hampton weekends hunting down The Mogul."

Unlike Carrie's relationship with Mr. Big, Martha's involvement with The Mogul did not end gracefully.

Eventually, Stewart dragged Pasternak up to his door, only to be confronted by another woman: "Who knew what a man like The Mogul might do if he found himself pushed just a tad too far by Martha's in-your-face desperation? Harassment. Trespassing. Stalking. Martha's distress at her failed sentimental escapades made my heart ache."

Whatever happened to walking away with dignity after uttering a line from The Way We Were?

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