Mayor Bloomberg’s Lady Friend Might Want to Be a Senator


Our Joel Osteen “Become a Better You” tear-away calendar indicates that a whole day has come and gone, which means it’s about time for a new “Rumored Gillibrand Opponent of the Day.” Let’s see … ah, here we go. How about Diana Taylor, the longtime girlfriend of Mayor Bloomberg? The Post hears that “Washington-based” Republicans have recently approached Taylor about running, and that Taylor “hasn’t yet closed the door on the possibility.” If she ran, Taylor — a former Superintendent of Banks under Governor Pataki and current managing director at Wolfensohn & Company, a private-equity firm — would not have access to Bloomberg’s billions of dollars, since the two are not married. But that’s the great thing about having many rich and powerful friends.

Exclusive: Bloomberg’s girlfriend Diana Taylor considering Senate run: sources [NYP]