Christopher Balfe’s Mom Cried When He Told Her He Was Going to Help Make Glenn Beck Famous


Christopher Balfe, 31, was working as a “well-paid consultant” for Accenture when he decided to defect and help Beck, then a little-known talk-radio host in Philadelphia, pimp his noxious views on a wide variety of platforms, according to Crain’s, which included him in their 40 under 40 list this week.

I called my mom and said, ‘Your college-dropout son is leaving one of the most prestigious consulting firms in the country to work for a DJ you’ve never heard of,’” he recalls. “She started crying.”

And so she should have, because now look what’s happened.

Christopher Balfe, 31 [Crain’s]

And so she should have, because now look what’s happened.

Christopher Balfe, 31 [Crain’s]