Megan Fox Has Only Slept With Two Men


Kellan Lutz expressed his fondness for Robert Pattinson, gushing, “He’s such a talented motherfucker. I wonder how I can get what he has.” But the buffed-out Lutz isn’t sharing any of his muscle-toning secrets with R-Patz. “He asks me what I do to work out because he wants man-boobs like me. I just tell him I like doing push-ups.” Megan Fox told U.K. Harper’s Bazaar that she’s only slept with two men, and that she’s actually quite domestic, leading a simple life with Brian Austin-Green and his son. Oh, and posing in her underwear for Emporio Armani. Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, meanwhile, have allegedly had ten extramarital affairs between the two of them. Governor Paterson’s wife, Michelle Paige, took a break from political scandal by dining with an “unidentified male” at Abe & Arthur’s. And Kanye hopped a flight to Paris without Amber Rose.

During a panel discussion with Seth Meyers and Ken Auletta, Lorne Michaels assured an audience that we haven’t seen the last of Conan on TV, and that NBC’s “chaos and look of disorganization” was merely a reflection of its admirable “creative freedom.” As Mischa Barton’s Law & Order: SVU episode airs tonight (she plays a prostitute named Gladys), the newly blonde Barton is busy making appearances on Italian TV shows. Olympian Apolo Ohno thinks Pamela Anderson is too “top-heavy” to win Dancing With the Stars. And he insists he can leg-press a ton. And Bachelor Jake Pavelka told Ellen that he knew Vienna Girardi was “the one” before they hopped into the sack together, though we might beg to differ. Carey Mulligan and Shia LaBeouf smooched in the middle of the street, as the chivalrous LaBeouf helped her through the slush.

Cindy Crawford says she doesn’t have time to worry about wrinkles, which is convenient given that her superior genetic coding prevents her from aging. Gwyneth Paltrow took Apple lunching and shopping in Manhasset, where four salespeople scurried to fetch items for her while she waited in a private back room. Never one to avoid Hollywood’s affection, Bill Clinton was fêted by Sean Penn, Barbra Streisand, Jack Nicholson, Salma Hayek, and Matthew McConaughey at L.A.’s Peninsula Hotel. Following his surprise stint at Jay-Z’s MSG show, Lil Wayne showed up at the Brooklyn’s Finest’s premiere party at the Empire Hotel. He then threw a tantrum at the door when security wouldn’t let him and his posse in. Ke$ha eloquently weighs in on Britney Spears’s tendency to lip-synch during concerts, noting, “I think that’s bullshit … When I am singing I may sound shitty sometimes but at least you know I’m singing.”