The MTA Doesn’t Think the Subway’s Constant Service Changes Are Funny at All


Subway ads created by the Working Families Party have been rejected for being too saucy for the MTA. They’re designed to look like those ubiquitous service-change signs that are plastered on every wall and column these days, but instead of subway lines, the top of the ad displays acronyms portraying shock and umbrage, such as “WTF” and “OMFG.” They go on to criticize Mayor Bloomberg for failing to live up to his campaign promises. The MTA says that the ads were rejected because they use implied expletives — namely, “fuck.” With enough drunk and crazy people already stalking the platforms and cars of the subway, the place doesn’t really need to be any more kid-unfriendly, we suppose. And yet, the MTA did approve all those bunion ads, which are terrifying.

WTF?’ MTA bigs derail Working Families Party’s texty ads targeting Mayor Bloomberg [NYDN]