Murderous Long Island Mom at Least Looked Hot in Her Mug Shot


Last week, mother of four Susan Williams, of tony Garden City, Long Island, decided to pay a hit man $20,000 to kill her husband. Only the hit man was an undercover police officer, so, that backfired. But Williams had at least one stroke of good luck: She was able to make it to the salon just hours before her arrest.

Jessica Zinman, Williams' long time hair stylist, told 1010 WINS' Mona Rivera that Williams did not act out of the ordinary, even though cops say the Garden city mother of four had arranged the hit on her husband the previous day.

"All she talked about with me on Thursday was her kids, she loves talking about her kids, and just dating, how hard it is to date.", said Zinman.

Well, guess what, Susan Williams? Your dating troubles are over. Your glamorous mug shot is going to being splashed across TV, newspapers, and the Internet ... and for free! It's like the best personal ad imaginable. Oh, hm, except the murder-for-hire thing. Is that a turn-off for most guys? Murder?

L.I. Mom Accused in Hubby Hit Plot Due in Court [1010 Wins]