New York’s Airports Make Everyone Late


Here’s a fun statistic from Bloomberg News: “Of the country’s 50 tardiest flights, 41 started or ended at Newark or New York’s La Guardia and Kennedy airports.” Compiling last year’s data from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation, the agency determined that the 50 most consistently late departing flights either took off or landed at New York’s three congested airports. Those flights, on average, were delayed by 74 minutes. Delays involving New York’s airports cost the airline industry up to $17 billion last year, but airlines are unwilling to give up their routes to and from our airports. The only solution to this endless aggravation to passengers, according to experts, is to improve the air traffic control system. Or, we say, stop charging for those little bottles of Sutter Home and let the party begin on the ground!

New York Airports Account for 41 of 50 Most-Delayed Flights [Bloomberg]