Obama Divvies Nobel Winnings Among Charities, Former Presidents


Like so many millions and billions before, all $1.4 million of President Obama’s Nobel Prize winnings has been parceled out before it even arrived. Forgetting the reasons he won, you would think the president would like to have that moment of holding $1.4 million in cash and reveling in the “I won this” feeling. Apparently that moment is not as high on his priority list as making good on his promise to pass the prize money along to charity. There is, however, one sketchy charity on the list, the Posse Foundation, which has to be a poorly disguised racket.

The two biggest sums, $250,000 and $200,000 respectively, will be given to Fisher House, which provides housing for the families of veterans, and the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund.

Obama Gives Away Nobel Prize Money [Caucus/NYT]